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{sticky} Fic & Fanmix Masterlist

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

001. Now That She's Here (Simmons/Bakshi, R, English) She should have known that her going undercover at HYDRA would end up being a disaster.


001. Pieces of Us (Diggle/Oliver/Felicity, PG-13, English) After the earthquake, Oliver decides to hang up the hood. Though Felicity thought returning to her ordinary life would be easy, somehow she misses chasing after criminals.

How to Train Your Dragon
- movie

001. I'll Be Your Safety (Human!Toothless/Hiccup, PG-13, English) Hiccup has to prove himself to be a true Viking. A snow storm, a transformation spell and cuddling ensue.


001. Bad Taste (in Boys) (Liv/Ravi, PG-13, English) It's no surprise that Liv starts imagining food as her new way of passing time, associating different flavors with everything and everyone.

Once Upon a Time

001. The Ashes Fell Like Snow (Hook/Emma, PG-13, English) The world is crumbling around them, and Hook is the only one who remains beside Emma. A. K. A. the obligatory apocafic.

002. This Is How the Story Ends (Dr. Whale/Ruby, PG-13, English) After they finally get back to the Enchanted Forest, Ruby still misses something and she gets help from an unlikely source.

Pippa Kenn trilogy (Hungarian book)

001. A Nap és a Hold (egyoldalú Péntek/Pippa, PG-13, Hungarian) - Néha egy zombinak is lehetnek érzései. Péntek pont ilyen. Péntek POV


001. She Belongs to Fairy Tales (Miles/Charlie, PG-13, English) Maybe a new kind of fairy tale will be born from their tragedy, a twisted and sick bedtime story of a fading world.

002. Scattered Pieces of Who I Am (Bass/Charlie/Miles, PG-13, English) In which Bass, Miles and Charlie learn that all actions have consequences and parallel lives often intersect.

Sleepy Hollow

001. Scarred Heart in Hand (Jenny/Abbie, PG-13, English) The world may have crumbled around them, but at least Abbie has Jenny, even though she isn't sure she deserves her.
002. How to Deal with Haunted Objects: A Helpful Guide by Jennifer Mills (Ichabod/Nick, PG-13, English) Jenny wonders about the relationship between Ichabod and Nick.


001. A különbség közted és köztem (Dean/Castiel, PG-13, Hungarian) Castiel és Dean első látásra mindenben különböznek, de a látszat néha csal.

002. Clean Slate (Dean/Castiel, PG-13, English) - Castiel and the Winchesters celebrate Christmas. Really, it's just shameless fluff.

003. The Way We Fall (Dean/Castiel, PG-13, English) - He doesn’t stop to think about the possibility of failure, like balancing on a tightrope; he doesn’t look down, because he doesn’t want to fall.

The Unwritten

001. Fairy Tales and Nightmares (gen, PG-13, English) Lizzie always liked fairy tales, because they echoed her life.

The Vampire Diaries (TV)

001. Come and Find Me in the Dark Now (Klaus/Elena, PG-13, English) Klaus kills a Hunter and there are consequences.

002. Love Stories for Dead People (Klaus/Elena, PG-13, English) Elena turns to Klaus for help after Jeremy's kidnapped.

003. Blood and Starlight (Rebekah/Elena, PG-13, English) After Silas is on the loose, everyone has to stick together, even if it means Rebekah has to tolerate that little annoying doppelganger.

004. Just Like You (Kol/Elena, PG-13, English) Kol has only one thing left: revenge.

005. We're Not Broken (Rebekah/Elena, PG-13, English) If you’re immortal you seek out reminders of your past. You want someone who knows you, even if it’s an enemy because in the end you will question the reality of your life.

006. A Love Story Starring Monsters (Klaus/Elena, PG-13, English) After the events of 3x22, Elena doesn't turn into a vampire, instead Klaus saves her and takes her with him.

Original fiction

001. When The Dead Walk (Violet-centric, PG-13, English) She died long ago, but she can't really move on.

002. Hollow (Jonathan/Violet, R, English) He isn’t obsessed with her, because one can’t be obsessed with oxygen either, you simply need it to live, as he needs her.


Enemies (Bass/Charlie, rock mostly, from Three Days Grace to Silverstein, just to name a few)

Pieces (Bass/Charlie/Miles, rock mostly, from Papa Roach to Shinedown, just to name a few)

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