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fic wishlist

In spirit of Yuletide (yet again), I'm going to write fanfics, so yes, my friends, shoot your prompts my way, and I'm gonna try churning out some fanfic. Seeing how successful I'm at NOT writing I don't really expect to finish them before February, but hey, I'm working on it! Anyway, here's my Yule wishlist for anyone willing to write to me.

My general likes:
  • focus on relationships and character-driven stories (so character and relationship studies are more than welcome :))
  • casefic (undercover as a couple is always a good choice :D)
  • banter, snark, humor
  • what-if AUs (role reversal, or any little thing happening differently and changing a whole lot of things) and on this note multiple universes, meeting with mirror selves
  • time travel, Groundhog day AU/time loop
  • dystopian/post-apocalyptic AUs
  • hurt/comfort, angst - especially dealing with the traumas, broken people finding/healing themselves with the help of others.
  • darker and edgier than the canon - I unashamedly love everything dark, twisted and depressive. I realize it's not for everyone but if you happen to be one of the people who can write dark things, then you can write your most disturbing story idea, and I'll eat that up with a spoon.
  • things that are okay with me: bittersweet or unhappy endings, tragedy, major character death, suicide, deathfic, torture, rape, brainwashing, Stockholm syndrome, detailed scenes of blood, horror and violence (for action scenes or whatnot). I like when my favorites are suffering and even if I do want some romantic/shippy happenings, happy ending isn't required.
  • also if you like to write crossovers, then by all means, cross over any of my fandoms.
  • other tropes: soulmate AU, soulbonds, bodyswap, epistolary fic, forced bed sharing, falling asleep against someone's shoulder, nightmares, huddling for warmth, in vino veritas, truth spell/serum, mutual pining, love/hate relationship, enemies working together, enemies to friends to lovers, love spells, curses, fairy tale retellings, mind games, identity porn, trapped together, UST

Also, any rating is fine, I'm okay with G rated emotional things or explicit sex scenes, I love plotty fic, character studies and PWP just the same. I like dark things but it's not required! I know from this detailed list it seems I'm all for suffering and whatnot (:D) but please don't worry, I know I requested humorous canons too. :) If your tone is like the canon, I'll love the fic.

My general dislikes:
  • curtain fic, domestic fic
  • kidfic, de-age
  • all human and mundane AUs (barista, band, high school AUs), A/B/O
  • established relationship - I like to see how my ships get together, so flashback, non-linear writing or reminiscing about the past is totally okay, but if there is absolutely no note about how they got together I get a bit frustrated. (Well, obviously, in PWP you don't have to make a big fuss about this. :))
  • animal harm/death
  • infidelity

My trigger:
miscarriage - mentioning is okay, very detailed depiction is not.

For the sex scenes:
This is just for safety if you would like to write explicit sex scenes or PWP. I’m absolutely okay with vanilla sex or no sex in shippy fics; I’m just listing these, because I had wondering authors in past exchanges what I like.
  • bites
  • weapon kink (guns and knives)
  • bondage
  • double penetration
  • non-con
  • dub-con
  • sex pollen / fuck or die (can be non-con for enemy ships, but I love UST resolving this way with my other ships)
  • mind control
  • voyeurism
  • frottage
  • fingering
  • cunnilingus
  • breath play
  • blood play (excluding menstrual blood)
  • exhibitionism
  • orgasm denial/control
  • restraints (handcuffs, pinning someone down)
  • rough sex
  • sex in public or semi-public places
  • sex on, against, or under furniture
  • sex standing up - against the wall
  • sex with clothes still on or partly on
  • shower sex
  • vaginal penetration with foreign objects

For Art:
I adore fanart! Any rating is fine, though I'd prefer something I could use as a wallpaper. But if you happen to have a porny/hot idea, that's also okay with me. Draw/make what you like, but here are some general prompts that fits every ship:
- action scene (monster killing, catching bad guys together)
- hand holding
- feeding each other (romantic picnic?)
- 'we need to share a bed and awkward cuddling ensues'
- A pins B to a wall
- longing gazes
- wound treating, lingering touches
- if there's a tie involved: A grabbing B by the tie and pulling B to them

Also, I like fanvids as well, I'm a big fan of voice overs. My music taste is leaning toward rock, some of my favorites are Skillet, Shinedown, Red, Three Days Grace. Also I'm big on Florence and the Machine, One Republic.



Once Upon a Time:
- Regina/Emma
- Hook/Regina/Emma
- Whale/Ruby
- Aurora/Mulan (maybe Aurora/Mulan/Philip)
- Peter Pan/Henry - I don't really care if you stick to the Big Twist or not, I'm all for a fix-it.
- Peter Pan/Hook
- Peter Pan/Emma
- Peter Pan/Wendy
- Regina/Tinker Bell
- Emma/Walsh
- Regina/Zelena
- Anna/Elsa
- Elsa/Kristoff
- Anna/Elsa/Kristoff
- Hans/Elsa
- Hans/Anna
- Emma/Elsa
- Regina/Maleficent
- Emma/Merlin
- Merida/Mulan
- Mulan/Ruby

- Oliver/Felicity/Diggle
- Oliver/Thea
- Sara/Felicity
- Sara/Felicity/Oliver
- Sara/Laurel
- Oliver/Sebastian Blood
- Felicity/Laurel
- Nyssa/Laurel

Sleepy Hollow:
- Ichabod/Abbie/Jenny
- Ichabod/Nick
- Abbie/Jenny
- Ichabod/Abbie/Jenny/Nick

The 100:
- Bellamy/Clarke
- Bellamy/Octavia
- Lincoln/Clarke
- Raven/Clarke
- Maya/Clarke
- Octavia/Clarke
- Clarke/Anya
- Clarke/Lexa
- Clarke/Murphy
- Clarke/Cage

- Jim/Oswald
- Edward/Jim
- Edward/Jim/Oswald

The Flash (2014):
- Barry/Caitlin
- Barry/Eddie
- Barry/Eobard
- Cisco/Hartley
- Barry/Leonard
- Caitlin/Iris
- Caitlin/Lisa
- Iris/Linda
- Caitlin/Earth 2 Wells

The Librarians:
- Cassandra/Jake
- Cassandra/Ezekiel
- Cassandra/Flynn
- Cassandra/Eve
- Cassandra/Lamia
- Cassandra/Ezekiel/Jake/Eve/Flynn
- Moriarty/Eve
- Moriarty/Cassandra

Agent Carter:
- Jarvis/Peggy
- Daniel/Peggy
- Jack/Peggy
- Daniel/Jack/Peggy(/Jarvis)

- Liv/Ravi
- Liv/Blaine
- Liv/Clive(/Ravi)

- Cameron/Kirsten
- Cameron/Kristen/Fisher
- Cameron/Liam
- Cameron/Liam/Kirsten
- Kirsten/Camille

The Player:
- Alex/Cassandra

- Alex/Shelby
- Alex/Liam
- Alex/Simon

- Alex/Kara
- Maxwell/Kara
- Astra/Kara
- Lucy/Kara

Jessica Jones:
- Kilgrave/Jessica
- Trish/Jessica
- Claire/Jessica

- Sark/Sydney

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland:
- Knave/Alice
- Alice/Anastasia
- Knave/Alice/Anastasia
- Alice/Jafar


- Caliborn/Calliope
- Karkat/John
- Karkat/Dave/John
- Karkat/John/Jade


How to Train Your Dragon:
- Toothless/Hiccup - book and movie verse too, only with human!Toothless, be it shapeshifting or anthro, just no straight up bestiality
- Ruffnut/Tuffnut
- Dagur/Hiccup
- Astrid/Heather

Rise of the Guardians | The Guardians:
- Pitch Black/Jack Frost
- E. Aster Bunnymund/Jack Frost
- Nightlight/Katherine
- Pitch/Katherine
- Pitch/Nightlight
- Katherine/Mother Nature

Jupiter Ascending:
- Balem/Jupiter
- Balem/Titus/Kalique
- Titus/Jupiter
- Kalique/Jupiter

Les Miserables:
- Valjean/Javert
- Cosette/Marius/Eponine

Like Minds:
- Alex/Nigel

Strange Magic:
- Bog King/Marianne

Spy (2015):
- Fine/Susan