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First of all, thank you for creating something for me. :) In general, I like dark fics (so go wild, if it's your cup of tea, give me all the hurt/comfort, whump and angst), but I like humor and happy fics as well. :) Every rating is fine, I like character/relationship studies, plotty fic, PWP all the same. For the ship fics, I'd prefer first times instead of established relationships, I'm usually interested in how the characters get together (even in PWP I'd prefer first time) or how they realize their feelings for the others. If you feel up to it, you could always write fic with a Valentine's Day theme.

I'm totally okay with character death, suicide, deathfic, bittersweet or unhappy endings, rape, brainwashing, torture and violence in any of my fandoms.
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  • action scene (monster killing, catching bad guys together)
  • hand holding
  • feeding each other (romantic picnic?)
  • forced bed sharing
  • huddling for warmth
  • A pins B to a wall
  • longing gazes
  • wound treating, lingering touches
  • if there's a tie involved: A grabbing B by the tie and pulling B to them
If you have any kind of question, I turned anonymous commenting on. :)

  • Ravi Chakrabarti/Liv Moore & Clive Babineaux/Liv Moore & Clive Babineaux/Ravi Chakrabarti/Liv Moore: I just love this crime solving trio, and though I enjoy the canon immensely, the core thing for me is the three of them and their dynamic.  Any casefic would be welcome, undercover as a couple (though we already had some sort of this on the show), and if you write Clive, I'd like to see how he finds out about Liv being a zombie.
  • Blaine DeBeers/Liv Moore: Enemies forced to work together, I'd be interested in some kind of redemption for Blaine or just for Liv to see something good in him.
  • Kirsten Clark/Cameron Goodkin/Quincy Fisher & Kirsten Clark/Cameron Goodkin: Yet another crime solving trio! Any kind of casefic, undercover as a couple trope would be welcome. Or something dealing with how Cameron was ready to sacrifice his life for Kirsten and Fisher for Cameron - Kirsten dealing with the aftermath of her stitch into Cameron, what would be the emotional residue be like? 
  • Kirsten Clark/Camille Engelson: I just love how both of them are emotionally stunted, yet they're bonding and have a true friendship. Kirsten dealing with her emotions (maybe a stitch affecting her), mutual pining, casefic, the girls sciencing together - or outsciencing the guys - are welcome. Or you could write something about Camille's POV, how she sees Kirsten, what it was like to have Kirsten as a roommate and having to report to Maggie. Or Camille trying to make up for that time, apologizing to Kirsten with some kind of gesture, lik
  • Sydney Bristow/Julian Sark: They were my very first ship (besides my HP ones), and oh, God, I still love them after all this time. I love that Sark is a bit of obsessive about Sydney, and I like that Sydney is relentlessly still a good person no matter what happens to her - I think kinda that's one of the thing Sark likes about her. My favorite was season 3, where Sydney doesn't remember what happened to her, so you can write about Sydney having to work together with Sark to uncover that mystery. If you want you can write about Sydney having to work together with Sark while undercover in the Covenant. Or a bit earlier when Sark joins SD-6. Darker tones, brainwashed Sydney are okay, as are redemption (or half-redemption :)) for Sark.
  • Note: I don't like cheating, so I'd prefer the fic set where Vaugh and Sydney aren't together.

The Flash (TV 2014):

Note: For any ship with Barry, a Groundhog day/time loop story is absolutely welcome, where he has to try to save the other one. And because I don't like infidelity, I'd like if a fit is set where Patty and Barry aren't together or broke up.
  • Barry Allen/Eddie Thawne: Though I hated how the show handled the whole Iris romance plot line, I liked that Eddie and Barry had a kind of camaraderie, even though they're supposed to be 'rivals.' So any AU fic where Eddie didn't die is welcome, or a canon divergent AU set in s1. 
  • Eobard Thawne/Barry Allen: I totally like this ship as a dirtybadwrong ship with all the obsessiveness and/or grooming on Eobard's part, so anything how Eobard manipulates Barry is welcome. Or if it's your cup of tea, you can make some kind of redemption for Eobard.
  • Barry Allen/Caitlin Snow: I loved that at the beginning, Barry was the one who helped Caitlin dealing with her grief and cajoled her out of her lonely shell, so quiet, feelings sharing scenes between them would be lovely. Also, I'm a sucker for wound treating, so any h/c where Caitlin is treating Barry's wound or berating him for being reckless is most welcome.
  • Barry Allen/Leonard Snart: I like how even Leonard hasn't got any meta-power, he's a worthy enemy/rival/nemesis(?) of Barry, using only his wit. I like how he finds Barry's weaknesses and how he pushes Barry, but also deep down, Leonard has some good in him, and Barry always sees the best in people. So I'd like anything with them having to work together, putting aside their differences, Leonard being an unlikely hero.
  • Cisco Ramon/Hartley Rathaway: I loved their rivalry, so anything detailing their time back then in the laboratory, while working for Wells would be welcome. Or they have to work together, catching some meta.
  • Lisa Snart/Caitlin Snow: All the enemy ships! Though I don't see the Snart siblings as, well, that bad people
  • Lisa Snart & Leonard Snart: What did their childhood look like? Their first heist together? The siblings enjoying themselves while frustrating the heroes of Central City or some situation where they became the unlikely heroes.
Quantico (TV)  
For me, Alex is the heart of the show, she's just the kind of protagonist I always fall in love: stubborn, caring, kind, always tries to do the right thing and keeps the others together - kind of a natural leader type. As for fic, for each of these ships I'm okay with fic set in the future, investigating or at the Academy, I'm a sucker for the training story line, so any kind of exercise that forces them into close proximity is welcome - shared bed, undercover as a couple, trapped together somewhere.

  • Alex Parrish/Shelby Wyatt
  • Alex Parrish/Simon Asher
  • Alex Parrish/Liam O'Connor: We know - or at least Miranda hinted as much - that Liam has feelings for Alex, so maybe a fic about how he falls in love with her at the Academy. Or Alex helping and taking care of Liam, be it on a mission and him being wounded or just helping with this guilt-induced alcohol binge.

Once Upon a Time (TV)  
  • Aurora/Mulan: I'm still bitter where the show left these two, so any kind of fix-it would be welcome. An AU where they don't find Philip or Mulan tells her feelings to Aurora and they manage some kind of V relationship with Philip (or Aurora breaks off with Philip, I don't mind either, but no infidelity, please). Or Mulan finds herself in Storybrooke and reunites with Aurora there.
  • Mulan/Red Riding Hood | Ruby: Some kind of road trip? I like the idea of the two of them finding themselves on an adventure together.
  • Merlin | The Sorcerer/Emma Swan: I loved their kind of mentor/student dynamic and how Merlin seemed to understand and trust Emma. A fix-it where Merlin didn't die Death doesn't seem to stick on this show anyway) and helped Emma with her magic, fighting the darkness inside herself? Or they find Merlin in the Underworld and adventure ensues.
Gotham (TV)  
I just love how Jim seems to be a catnip for villains! Anyway, I like the tone of the show - how campy and over-the-top is - and its morbid/dark humor, so anything in the vein of it would be awesome. New dramatic and over-the-top villain comes to town and sets his sight on Jim and the others feel jealous. Or the three or two of them has to work together on a case. Jim asks for a favor from Oswald and in exchange Oswald just asks Jim out for dinner or simply to accompany him somewhere.

As for Nygma, I like his new-found mentor/student relationship with Oswald, and also I liked how Jim was the only one who really appreciated his work at the GCPD, so I can see him imprinting on Jim, maybe leaving riddles for him?

With these ships, I don't mind either mostly lighthearted fluff (with blood and murder of course) or emotional manipulation, and utterly dark and twisted stuff.
  • Oswald Cobblepot/Jim Gordon/Edward Nygma
  • Oswald Cobblepot/Jim Gordon
The Librarians (TV 2014)  
  • Cassandra Cillian/Ezekiel Jones/Jake Stone and Cassandra Cillian/Ezekiel Jones/Jake Stone/Eve Baird: I like the campiness of the show, it's one of my feelgood/comfort canon, also I adore found families, and basically ship everyone/everyone. Any kind of magical misadventure, love spell, truth spell would be welcome or just simple slice-of-life. Also, if you mention the Point of Salvation, I'd love if Ezekiel remembered everything - so you can explore how the others find this out.
Supergirl (TV 2015)  
  • Kara Danvers/Maxwell Lord: I think this ship sold me the whole TV show at first, I love their dynamic, how they're opposites, but they still want the same: to help people. I'd like to see them resolving their differences, preferably Kara interacting with Max both as Kara (investigating after him?) and Supergirl. All the identity porn possibilities!
Jessica Jones (TV)  
  • Jessica Jones/Kilgrave and Jessica Jones & Kilgrave: Due to my love for everything dark and twisted (and mind control! obsessiveness! mind games!), this relationship is right up my alley. Any kind of interaction is welcome here: tidbits from their time together from Jessica's or Kilgrave's POV, an AU version of episode 8, where Jessice decides to stay and tries to manage their weird superhero team (it's up to you if it's working or not).


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So, yeah, I think I should start writing these, because I need some accountability, so I decided to try this. Thanks for [personal profile] hithelleth  for this idea. Soooo...

Weekly word count: 646 - and not even on the same project. *sigh* But I'm still kind of pleased? Due to my depression being a bitch in the holiday season (and due to my dick father), I think it's a miracle that I started to write again.

What I'm working on: The Sleepy Hollow Nick/Ichabod longfic and something for fandom stocking.

Thoughts, notes, etc:  I decided to write a longfic to practice plotting and pacing, because it was four-five years since I've finished my first draft, and since then I'm just wallowing in my depression and being lazy. Of course, I have a couple of ideas for original novels, and I started a few for NaNoWriMos in the past, but they just never get through the first 10 K, which is partly because I didn't flesh out the characters beforehand and I just can't write without fully (or at least almost fully) formed characters. Hence the fanfic...

I chose the Sleepy Hollow fandom because I'm not really on tumblr - they are toxic cesspit anyway - and I'm doing a rare pair (a 'problematic rare pair at that' - yeah I lied, I peeked at tumblr, and why, self, why?), so there's not much pressure. And I like the fantasy monster of the week theme, so I can maybe manage to finish this. I'm not really fannish about season 3, so I set the fic in the near future and I'm totally ignoring canon, so my impulsiveness and wanting to fit every canon detail into the fic shouldn't be an issue. And yet, today, I woke up and just wanted to discard the whole outline, because, you know, the usual self-doubt. Anyway, I'm marching on with this one.

Partly, the situation is the same with the fandom stocking fic, because urgh, why I want to squeeze even a minuscule plot into this fluffy ship fic is beyond me. So I'm stuck with plotting the crime solving thing - and how not to write something like serial killers or a downer kidnapping case for the holidays for someone. What is a good crime thing that doesn't involve a lot of sad? Robbery or what?
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In spirit of Yuletide (yet again), I'm going to write fanfics, so yes, my friends, shoot your prompts my way, and I'm gonna try churning out some fanfic. Seeing how successful I'm at NOT writing I don't really expect to finish them before February, but hey, I'm working on it! Anyway, here's my Yule wishlist for anyone willing to write to me.

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I know I'm still working on round 7 but I needed to sign up. :D

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