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I know it's a little early to post the masterpost, but it's for safety issues. (My laptop always chooses the worst days to die, so... I'm paranoid.)

CHALLENGE: Mixup Big Bang.

NOTE: When I put this mix together I had a threesome in my mind - as you could tell I adore threesomes and find their dynamics very interesting - and mostly I thought about broken people, betrayed people who still choose to go on and as cheesy as it sounds, love is the key. Not perfect, fairy tale kind of love, but love nonetheless. And it perfectly fits my current obsession (what a coincidence, right?) which is Bass/Charlie/Miles from Revolution.

I thank the challenge mod, imaginary_rose, who had the patience to search writers for me. And of course, Corycides, who being one of my favorite fic authors, wrote an amazing fic. [LINK TO FIC]

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Shh, what do you mean I'm obsessed with these three? I deny it.

Texture credit #1
Lana Del Rey - Born to Die
Prompt: Wild for [ profile] nbc_revolution Valentine's bing-a-thon

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