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So, in the spirit of Yuletide, I thought I'm gonna refresh my wishlist, but in the likeness of an exchange letter, because I just can't commit to Yuletide, but wouldn't say no to a gift fic. (I'm not looking at my friends, really. :D) I'm gonna prowl the Yuletide DYW letters, I already have lots of prompts I wanna write for, but the femslash exchange made me wary of signing up for anything. (The prompt was fine, I've written two fics for it, but my heart wasn't in it, and mostly, I'm at fault. So now, until I can work until deadline and with a poor health, I'm just resorting to treating.) But! If you maybe want to write a fic for me, or you need some prompts, here is my dream fic list!

And also, if you want to receive a gift fic from me for Christmas/Yule, you can leave a prompt here! I'm accepting prompts for mostly my fandoms (see list below), but not just for my ships. If you don't have any specific prompt, just leave a ship or character name. :)

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Dear Author,

First of all, thank you for writing me, I know whatever you do, it’ll be awesome. I’ll ramble on about what I like and dislike, but don’t feel pressured to write anything, if none of my prompts do anything for you, then write what you like, but please try to watch out for my squicks and dislikes.

My general likes:
- darker and edgier than the canon.
- angst, hurt/comfort, bittersweet or unhappy endings, tragedy. I like to cry. Major character death, suicide and deathfic are more than okay with me.
- what-if AUs (example: role reversal), multiple universes (I like when a character has the chance to see how their life could have turned out, or get the chance to meet their mirror self), time travel, dystopian/post-apocalyptic AUs (I like sad things and pushing my favorite characters to their limits.)

My general dislikes:
- too fluffy fic, curtain fic, domestic fic, kidfic, de-age: If there’s a canon childbirth, then writing about the kid growing up is fine – example: Emma and Henry – what I don’t like is when a shippy fic focuses on raising the new OC child together.
- all human AUs (barista, band, high school AUs)

NOTE: You can see I like dark things, and I know it’s a rare ship fest and I know that you, my writer, might not like these things, so I just want to make it clear, you can write whatever you’re comfortable with. If your tone is like the canon, I’ll like the fic, even if it’s happy. I’m not against silly, happy, funny, slice-of-life fics, I just read more dark stories. I'm just not a fan of teeth-rotting fluff, but that doesn't mean you have to write an all doom and gloom fic. :))

My trigger: miscarriage

Kinks: This is just for safety, if you would like to write explicit sex scenes. I’m absolutely okay with vanilla sex or no sex in shippy fics; I’m just listing these, because I had wondering authors in past exchanges what I like.

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Revolution (Bass/Charlie, Miles/Charlie, Bass/Charlie/Miles, Connor/Charlie)

Bass/Charlie, Miles/Charlie, Bass/Charlie/Miles: Yay, this show is my current obsession and these three characters are my love, and yes, I adore Charlie too (I know, I am in the minority), so a little Charlie worshiping is always okay. I see Charlie as a strong, determined character who faces the dark side of the world only now, who would do anything for family and the people she cares about, I see her as the light in this dark world, while Miles and Sebastian are broken - if it's beyond repair and redemption is up to you, I can see it both ways - and that's why I ship both of them with Charlie. I can see both men appreciating everything good and innocent and yet strong in Charlie. I know Charlie had a darker story arc this season, but I still see her as the 'hope bringer' in this world.

You can write anything, really, I love what-if AU's, as in Charlie joining the s1 Militia and going dark (so you can write dub-con, brainwashing, anything, really), but I'd also love to see them as forming some new Republic or Militia in wake of defeating the Patriots - which can go wrong and dark again, or can succeed with Charlie balancing them.

Note: I ship them as a threesome, so I ship Bass/Miles too.

Connor/Charlie: I'm one of the few people who ships them, I know. I didn't like that they thrown them together so fast, but it wasn't romance on the screen, so I don't hate it, but I absolutely loved the talk afterwards, though Charlie is the 'good one' she was so hopeless and I can see Connor's hidden goodness bringing her hope. Yes, I know Connor is a bit of a jerk, and has enormous daddy issues, but I'd love to see them as completing each other, Charlie bringing down Connor's false idea that being a king would be good for him and Connor giving back Charlie's lighter side.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Alice/Knave/Anastasia, Alice/Knave, Alice/Jafar):

Alice/Knave and Alice/Knave/Anastasia: I just loved everything Alice/Knave and I'm still sad that the writers went with Alice/Cyrus when Alice and Knave had such chemistry! They are everything I love in a ship: sassy banter, heartfelt moments, and the willingness to do anything for each other. I'd love to see a what-if AU before the show's epilogue where Alice and Knave end up together, maybe fighting against Jafar a little bit longer. Also I shipped them as a threesome with Anastasia, because I loved Anastasia and Will, and sometimes I could see chemistry between Alice and Anastasia, I see Alice as the person who can see through everyone's facade, so it would be interesting to see them as warming up to each other, maybe forced to work together.

Alice/Jafar: I know the show hasn't offered that much on this ship, but I loved that both Alice and Jafar have daddy issues, that Alice could understand Jafar, and the scene in the finale when Jafar threatens to wipe Alice's memory of Cyrus, I wanted to see something similar to the effect of what Jafar did to Anastasia. So you could write a what-if AU about that, or I could totally picture Jafar getting a similar redemption story like Cyrus, now that he's a genie, so I could see Alice being the master of genie!Jafar.

Once Upon a Time (Regina/Zelena, Emma/Walsh):

Regina/Zelena: Zelena's obsession with everything Regina is my favorite thing about this ship, it's unhealthy for sure, so I could picture something dark and twisted, Zelena kidnapping Regina and brainwashing her to like her, because Zelena desperately seeks attention and love. Or I'd love to see some AU where Zelena succeeded with her plan, but instead of wiping Regina out of existence, everyone just forgets about her and seems like nothing she did happened and Zelena is the only one remembering Regina.

Emma/Walsh: I loved the twist that Emma's new guy was an evil henchman (though it wasn't surprising) and I'm kinda sad the writers haven't used Walsh's character more, clearly Emma was in love and Walsh felt something too, because he said he liked her. So I'm interested in anything: redemption fic for Walsh, now that they defeated Zelena, or some fic about the time they spent together, or some AU where Walsh is a bit more active part of Zelena's plan and something dark and twisted happens.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Ward/Jemma, Ward/Fitz):

Ward/Jemma: I think I fell in love with this ship when Ward helped her on the tree with her fear, and I'm sucker for the action hero/tech girl ship dynamic. Preferably I'd like to read something that happens after the season finale, or at least the Ward-twist, be it redemption fic for Ward or Ward being a new villain.

Ward/Fitz: I loved their ship dynamic from the start, but my favorite thing about them is that Fitz couldn't/wouldn't accept that Ward was born evil, so I'd like to read something where Fitz and Ward meet again, they have to work together and Fitz proves that he's right about Ward.

Arrow (Sebastian/Oliver, Sara/Felicity, Sarah/Felicity/Oliver, Diggle/Oliver, Diggle/Oliver/Felicity):

Sebastian/Oliver: I'm so sad this ship has no fanfic (or at least I didn't find any), because this is my new favorite thing about the second season. I loved that at first neither Sebastian nor Oliver knew about each other's secret identity but became friends. What I would like to read is something about them discovering the other's secret identity (in some other way than in canon).

Sara/Felicity & Sarah/Felicity/Oliver: I was surprised that I liked Sara's character, but she grew on me, I loved that when Felicity was feeling left out, Sara didn't mock her or anything, but tried to help her. I'd like to read something about them becoming a team, working and training together. Same goes for threesome with Oliver.

Oliver/Diggle & Felicity/Diggle & Diggle/Felicity/Oliver: These three are my favorite thing about the show. I adore their dynamic, how they balance out and complete each other, I'd read anything about them, some casefic, team bonding, people mistaking them for a couple way before they get together because they spend so much time together, undercover work where they have to pretend to be a couple.

Sleepy Hollow (Jenny/Abbie, Ichabod/Abbie/Jenny):

I have no shame, I just love Abbie and Jenny's complicated relationship. I think what I find fascinating (and why I ship them) is that they have no one besides the other, and they stick together no matter what - while trying to work out their emotional baggage (Abbie leaving Jenny, Jenny wanting to kill Abbie while possessed). I'd like to read something about how they save Abbie from Purgatory or about Abbie struggling with her feelings in Purgatory.
I OT3 them with Ichabod because they're a badass team and I'm just a sucker for team dynamics, so any casefic with shippy things is more than welcome.

For Art: I'm not gonna be much help I'd like anything, really.
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The usual round-up post from the current porn battle.

Note: I haven't read them all, these are just my ships.

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I know it's a little early to post the masterpost, but it's for safety issues. (My laptop always chooses the worst days to die, so... I'm paranoid.)

CHALLENGE: Mixup Big Bang.

NOTE: When I put this mix together I had a threesome in my mind - as you could tell I adore threesomes and find their dynamics very interesting - and mostly I thought about broken people, betrayed people who still choose to go on and as cheesy as it sounds, love is the key. Not perfect, fairy tale kind of love, but love nonetheless. And it perfectly fits my current obsession (what a coincidence, right?) which is Bass/Charlie/Miles from Revolution.

I thank the challenge mod, imaginary_rose, who had the patience to search writers for me. And of course, Corycides, who being one of my favorite fic authors, wrote an amazing fic. [LINK TO FIC]

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So today (because I have a long-term, semi-serious illness) I had yet another panic attack. BUT then I saw this:

01. Dissemble 02. Aflame 03. Frankenstein 04. Evidence 05. Lazarus 06. Fireflies
07. Trial Basis 08. Surrender 09. Achilles' Heel 10. Gloves 11. Return 12. Tower
13. World's End 14. Alone 15. Paper Lantern 16. Union 17. Boxes 18. Honour
19. Wild West 20. Underhill 21. What happens in... 22. Death 23. Glass 24. Protection
25. Courtship 26. Butterfly 27. Mortification 28. Content 29. Fake 30. Adrenaline
31. Hot Springs 32. Sacrifice 33. Fingernails 34. Bargain 35. Plague 36. Lady Luck
37. Found 38. Maggie 39. Time Travel 40. Remorse 41. Wired 42. Rules
43. Ninth Life 44. Patriot 45. Storm 46. Mirror 47. Kiss 48. Amputee
49. Betrayal 50. Brooding 51. Doppelgänger 52. Food 53. War 54. Virtue
55. Afterglow 56. Contagion 57. Serendipity 58. Tempt 59. Words 60. Echo
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