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In spirit of Yuletide (yet again), I'm going to write fanfics, so yes, my friends, shoot your prompts my way, and I'm gonna try churning out some fanfic. Seeing how successful I'm at NOT writing I don't really expect to finish them before February, but hey, I'm working on it! Anyway, here's my Yule wishlist for anyone willing to write to me.

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So, in the spirit of Yuletide, I thought I'm gonna refresh my wishlist, but in the likeness of an exchange letter, because I just can't commit to Yuletide, but wouldn't say no to a gift fic. (I'm not looking at my friends, really. :D) I'm gonna prowl the Yuletide DYW letters, I already have lots of prompts I wanna write for, but the femslash exchange made me wary of signing up for anything. (The prompt was fine, I've written two fics for it, but my heart wasn't in it, and mostly, I'm at fault. So now, until I can work until deadline and with a poor health, I'm just resorting to treating.) But! If you maybe want to write a fic for me, or you need some prompts, here is my dream fic list!

And also, if you want to receive a gift fic from me for Christmas/Yule, you can leave a prompt here! I'm accepting prompts for mostly my fandoms (see list below), but not just for my ships. If you don't have any specific prompt, just leave a ship or character name. :)

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+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.

1. Threesomes: I don’t know why but I love threesomes and see them as a family unit, and I like how it’s possible for three people to care for each other even if the society doesn’t really see it as acceptable.

2. Incest: Well it’s my trademark that I usually ship incest. I like how siblings are basically soul mates and I’m a sucker for forbidden romance, the more angst-y the better. (I don’t like the ‘everyone suddenly thinks it’s normal kind of fics.)

3. Dystopia and post-apocalyptic AUs: I love dystopian books, so it’s kind of not surprising I love to see dystopian and post-apocalyptic AUs. I like to see how my favorite characters and fandoms work in a typically bleak work, pushed to their limits.

4. Hurt/Comfort: with as little comfort as possible. I don’t like the hurt/comfort fics where one of the character is only sick (I mean the flue and such trivial things), so I’m more into serious hurt (torture, grief, loss, depression).

5. Stockholm Syndrome

1. Arrow: Oliver/Felicity, Oliver/Felicity/Diggle, Oliver/Thea
2. Revolution: Bass/Charlie, Bass/Charlie/Miles, Miles/Charlie
3. Once Upon a Time: Regina/Emma, Hook/Emma, Hook/Regina, Hook/Emma/Regina, Whale/Ruby, Ruby/Belle
4. The Vampire Diaries: Klaus/Elena, Elijah/Elena, Kol/Elena, Rebekah/Elena, any variation of Originals/Elena, but my favorite is Klaus/Elena/Elijah, Jeremy/Elena, Katherine/Elena
5. Rise of The Guardians: Pitch/Jack
6. How to Train Your Dragon: human or anthro!Toothless/Hiccup
7. Guardians of Childhood: Pitch/Katherine, Mother Nature/Katherine, Pitch/Nightlight
8. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters: Hansel/Gretel

Fics Written:
1. Just Like You, Kol/Elena, PG-13 for [ profile] wrong_song
2. We're Not Broken, Rebekah/Elena, PG-13 for [ profile] wrong_song

Fics Received:
1. Oliver/Felicity, NC-17 from [ profile] corycides
2. It Can't, But it Does, Oliver/Felicity from [ profile] corycides
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