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In the Tunnels / Under the Ground Telepathy Exploration Dystopias Writing, Text and Quotes
Kraken, Leviathans and Creatures of the Deep The North Wind doth Blow A Strange Friend Vivid Manipulation
Gardening Ambiguous Wild CardCompare and Contrast A Brief Encounter is Pivotal
Best Friends Basic Wild Passions Mystery Vignette
Dusk Alexithymia (Obscured Emotions) Science and Magic Sensual Pleasures Fork in the Road AU

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I know I'm still working on round 7 but I needed to sign up. :D

Alexithymia (Obscured Emotions) Coffee Shop AU First person narration Mind and Body Peace
Trauma Roomates / Sharing a Room Wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey: Time travel Mirror Faced with Overwhelming Odds
Lock In Summertime (and the Livin' is Easy) Wild CardMistaken Identity Exhaustion
Genderswap Canon Themes Decorative when Broken Bright Colours World Ends in First Paragraph
Spiders (Giant, Radioactive, or otherwise unusual) Coercion Magnificent Habits and Routines Siblings

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Bad Taste (in Boys) (1628 words) by angelette
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: iZombie (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ravi Chakrabarti/Liv Moore
Characters: Liv Moore, Ravi Chakrabarti
Additional Tags: Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Past Relationship(s), Canonical Character Death, Grief/Mourning
Series: Part 1 of Gen Prompt Bingo Round 7

It's no surprise that Liv starts imagining food as her new way of passing time, associating different flavors with everything and everyone.

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It will be really challenging but I hope it'll motivate my creative flow.

Word count: 1,628
Fandoms: iZombie (1)
Category: F/M (1)

Tornados Violence Rich and Poor Confessions Exhaustion
Glorious Cowboy AU Nicaragua Smoke and Fog Writing, Text and Quotes
Abduction and kidnapping Crackfic Wild CardSouth America Ship and Captain / Mount and Rider
A Blackmail Attempt Luck Home-cooking (Liv/Ravi - iZombie)
Shapeshifting Dreams, Daydreams, Wishes
Fear / Terror May Morning Humour The Hermit Minorities / Characters of Colour / Women in Canon - Please be careful not to use offensive stereotypes

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[community profile] genprompt_bingo if you want to sign up, the good news is THERE IS NO DEADLINE. *pokes [personal profile] mockerybird*

Curses Suicide The North Wind doth Blow Amnesia Cake and Cookies
Character Study Death Conflicting Obligations / Oaths The Early Hours before Dawn Powerful
Quarantine Alternative Professions Wild Card South America Relative values: Families
Tragedy Old and New Contentment Werewolves Sentient Weaponry
Repeats and Repetitions Sepia Sensual Pleasures Something Vital is Stolen Self-sufficient

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