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First of all, thank you for creating something for me. :) In general, I like dark fics (so go wild if it's your cup of tea, give me all the hurt/comfort, whump and angst), but I like humor and happy fics as well. :) Every rating is fine, I like character/relationship studies, plotty fic, PWP all the same. I'd prefer first times instead of established relationships, I'm usually interested in how the characters get together (even in PWP I'd prefer first time) or how they realize their feelings for the others.

I'm totally okay with character death, suicide, deathfic, bittersweet or unhappy endings, rape, brainwashing, torture and violence in any of my fandoms.

Fic Likes/General tropes I like:
  • hurt/comfort (heavy on the hurt)
  • angst
  • casefic
  • undercover as a couple
  • what if canon divergence AUs (example: role reversal AU)
  • multiple universes
  • time travel
  • Groundhog day AU/time loop
  • dystopian/post-apocalyptic AU
  • crossover and fusion with any of my requested fandoms
  • mind control
  • soulmate AU, soulbonds, telepathic bonds, soulmate identifying marks - I like when there's some angst with soulmates, some kind of obstacle in the way of their happy ending, maybe they don't like each other at first (I especially love this trope with enemies and identity porn :D) Also, I prefer canon-like settings with this type of AU. Or you can just use some kind of plot device/spell/artifact/magic revealing the characters' soulmates.
  • bodyswap
  • epistolary fic
  • forced bed sharing
  • falling asleep against someone's shoulder
  • nightmares
  • huddling for warmth
  • in vino veritas, truth spell/serum
  • mutual pining
  • love/hate relationship, enemies working together, enemies to friends to lovers
  • love spells, curses
  • fairy tale retellings, fairy tale motifs
  • mind games
  • identity porn
  • trapped together

Fic Dislikes: domestic fic, pregnancy, miscarriage (mentioning is okay, detailed depiction is not) kidfic, de-age, all human/mundane AUs (high school, coffe shop, etc.), A/B/O, animal harm/death, infidelity

For Art:
I adore fanart, I'm not partial to fic even though I left only general prompts for art! Any rating is fine, though I'd prefer something I could use as a wallpaper. But if you happen to have a porny/hot idea, that's also okay with me. Draw/make what you like, but here are some general prompts that fit every ship:
action scene (monster killing, catching bad guys together)
hand holding
feeding each other (romantic picnic?)
forced bed sharing
huddling for warmth
A pins B to a wall
longing gazes
wound treating, lingering touches
if there's a tie involved: A grabbing B by the tie and pulling B to them

If you have any kind of question, I turned anonymous commenting on. :)


Mercy/Reaper/Soldier & Mercy/Reaper: As you might have guessed, I am a big Mercy fan (Mercy main too :P), and I just find her character interesting. Tbh, I am not really buying into the "Mercy is the main villain of Overwatch" theories, but if you want, you can use them. I personally think she didn't have anything to do (at least not directly) with Reaper's transformation, but if you want to explore that, I am more than okay with that idea. I like the trio's dynamic, friends to enemies is a catnip to me, because I like villains who have a deeper connection to the main hero and know them, so maybe you could write about when they meet after Overwatch has fallen. I would be even interested in the times they meet before Soldier figuring out that Reaper is Gabriel, because I am a big fan of identity porn! Also fic about Mercy figuring out who is behind the mask of Reaper is also welcome! Enemies forced to work together on a mission, but they still work well together, because they were friends! If you feel up to it, you can write a story about the Halloween AU.

Supergirl (TV 2015):
  • Kara/Maxwell: I would really like something set in s1, or having Maxwell getting back after the event of s2. I loved their dynamic so much, how they're on opposite sides, but they still want the same: to help people. I'd like to see them resolving their differences as much as they can, preferably Kara interacting with Max both as Kara (investigating after him?) and Supergirl. All the identity porn possibilities! The show revealed Kara's identity a bit sooner for my taste, so I would really like a fic exploring more interaction between them while Max doesn't know who Supergirl is. If you bring back Max after the event of s2, I would like a forced to work together type of fic.

  • Kara/Mon-El/Lena: I like Mon-El and Kara's dynamic, I think it was almost the only canon ship I liked. If you want to write a fix-it fic, bringing him back, that is more than welcome, or you can set the fic during s2 too. I absolutely love Lena and Kara's relationship, you can even explore the idea of Lena's Luthor legacy - her fear that she might turn out like her brother or her mother, that her "fate" might be that she will betray Supergirl/Kara. Also identity porn is more than welcome here with Kara/Lena, Lena interacting with both Supergirl and Kara, falling for both.
Timeless (TV 2016):

Individual prompts for fandoms will be added soon...
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 Of course, when I sign up for a fic exchange that's when life decides I have to enjoy the hospitality of hospitals. Urgh. So I think, I'm restricting myself to treating, maybe that will break my unlucky streak. But also, yay, it's Femslash February, I'm going to wriiiiiiiiite something, I can feel it.
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Word count: 642 - A meager word count and I only manage to write a book review. No comment.
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Obviously, I already screwed up my resolution and I skipped a week, but due to being sick and the first week at work being extra hard, I'm giving myself a bit of leeway.
Word count: 4115 - but it's only book reviews and posts for my blog. I think I'm gonna count this toward writing because I haven't written anything substantial for the last six months, so yay, I'm totally okay with writing only reviews.

Goals: Writing chocolatebox fic, I got a challenging assignment but I have a few vague ideas, at least. And, oh, someone requested my super rare ship, I want to treat them so badly, but first things first, I have to catch up on my due book reviews and finish my assignment first.

Also, I think I'm dumping my long fic idea - yeah, I managed to hold on to it for three weeks... - and start working on one of my original novel idea.

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