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In spirit of Yuletide (yet again), I'm going to write fanfics, so yes, my friends, shoot your prompts my way, and I'm gonna try churning out some fanfic. Seeing how successful I'm at NOT writing I don't really expect to finish them before February, but hey, I'm working on it! Anyway, here's my Yule wishlist for anyone willing to write to me.

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Bad Taste (in Boys) (1628 words) by angelette
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: iZombie (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ravi Chakrabarti/Liv Moore
Characters: Liv Moore, Ravi Chakrabarti
Additional Tags: Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Past Relationship(s), Canonical Character Death, Grief/Mourning
Series: Part 1 of Gen Prompt Bingo Round 7

It's no surprise that Liv starts imagining food as her new way of passing time, associating different flavors with everything and everyone.

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Dear Author/Artist,

First of all, thank you for writing fic/making art for me!

I'll list my likes and dislikes and try to write specific prompts, but don't feel pressured to write/make anything if it's just not your style or my prompts don't inspire you. But please try to watch out for my trigger and dislikes. Despite my long letter, I'm not picky or hard to please. :) And don't worry about what we're matched on, I chose my ships carefully, I love every one of them. I'm not partial to fics either, despite my art prompts being just general prompts and not ship specific, I love fanart! :) I'm angelette on AO3.

[General likes] [General dislikes] [For sex scenes] [For art]
[Sleepy Hollow] [The 100] [Stitchers] [iZombie] [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.][Alias]

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So, in the spirit of Yuletide, I thought I'm gonna refresh my wishlist, but in the likeness of an exchange letter, because I just can't commit to Yuletide, but wouldn't say no to a gift fic. (I'm not looking at my friends, really. :D) I'm gonna prowl the Yuletide DYW letters, I already have lots of prompts I wanna write for, but the femslash exchange made me wary of signing up for anything. (The prompt was fine, I've written two fics for it, but my heart wasn't in it, and mostly, I'm at fault. So now, until I can work until deadline and with a poor health, I'm just resorting to treating.) But! If you maybe want to write a fic for me, or you need some prompts, here is my dream fic list!

And also, if you want to receive a gift fic from me for Christmas/Yule, you can leave a prompt here! I'm accepting prompts for mostly my fandoms (see list below), but not just for my ships. If you don't have any specific prompt, just leave a ship or character name. :)

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