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I don't know how, I don't care why, but Oliver/Felicity totally stole my heart, sad part is, it's not gonna be canon, but maybe that's good, because I think Arrow really doesn't put any depth into Oliver's canon girlfriends. Anyway, I ADORE FELICITY, SHE IS BADASS. <3

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Well, I wanted to outline my big bang fic, yeah, it went something like this:

me: I'm searching for my notebook, so I can outline my fic. Hmm, I'm lost in the David Lyons tag on tumblr, this isn’t helping. Where are you, my notebook? Definitely not here.
[ profile] abstractelf: It's like that book about the lost hat, isn't it? [note: I want my hat back.]
me: sure, I'm totally doing this.
*I want my notebook back by Gigi*
me: David Lyons tag, have you seen my notebook?
David Lyons tag: No, but have some gorgeous man with blue eyes.
me: Okay.

me: AO3, have you seen my notebook?
AO3: No, but have some fic about your OT3.
me: Okay.

me: Tracy Spiridakos tag, have you seen my notebook?
Tracy Spiridakos tag: No, but have some gorgeous woman with blue eyes.
me: Okay.

me: Chocolate cake, have you seen my notebook? [note: my notebook is right under the plate]
Chocolate cake: No, but have some cake, cakecakecakecake.
me: Okay. *eats cake*

So I'm watching The Cape now. I'm sure everyone can guess why. (There is a girlie panties scene in the pilot and I laughed so hard. Okay... I'm good btw, just ate too much sugar.)


And let's have some cast photos here. Just look at them! Oh my, it doesn't matter how depressed I am, these kind of fandom things are always helping.

More under the cut )

And if that's not enough, here's this. It looks creepy and awesome and TRACY and Katie are in it.

Kill for Me trailer under the cut )


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