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 Of course, when I sign up for a fic exchange that's when life decides I have to enjoy the hospitality of hospitals. Urgh. So I think, I'm restricting myself to treating, maybe that will break my unlucky streak. But also, yay, it's Femslash February, I'm going to wriiiiiiiiite something, I can feel it.
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So, yeah, I think I should start writing these, because I need some accountability, so I decided to try this. Thanks for [personal profile] hithelleth  for this idea. Soooo...

Weekly word count: 646 - and not even on the same project. *sigh* But I'm still kind of pleased? Due to my depression being a bitch in the holiday season (and due to my dick father), I think it's a miracle that I started to write again.

What I'm working on: The Sleepy Hollow Nick/Ichabod longfic and something for fandom stocking.

Thoughts, notes, etc:  I decided to write a longfic to practice plotting and pacing, because it was four-five years since I've finished my first draft, and since then I'm just wallowing in my depression and being lazy. Of course, I have a couple of ideas for original novels, and I started a few for NaNoWriMos in the past, but they just never get through the first 10 K, which is partly because I didn't flesh out the characters beforehand and I just can't write without fully (or at least almost fully) formed characters. Hence the fanfic...

I chose the Sleepy Hollow fandom because I'm not really on tumblr - they are toxic cesspit anyway - and I'm doing a rare pair (a 'problematic rare pair at that' - yeah I lied, I peeked at tumblr, and why, self, why?), so there's not much pressure. And I like the fantasy monster of the week theme, so I can maybe manage to finish this. I'm not really fannish about season 3, so I set the fic in the near future and I'm totally ignoring canon, so my impulsiveness and wanting to fit every canon detail into the fic shouldn't be an issue. And yet, today, I woke up and just wanted to discard the whole outline, because, you know, the usual self-doubt. Anyway, I'm marching on with this one.

Partly, the situation is the same with the fandom stocking fic, because urgh, why I want to squeeze even a minuscule plot into this fluffy ship fic is beyond me. So I'm stuck with plotting the crime solving thing - and how not to write something like serial killers or a downer kidnapping case for the holidays for someone. What is a good crime thing that doesn't involve a lot of sad? Robbery or what?


Jun. 14th, 2015 12:06 am
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I'm back after a big hiatus. Yep, my life just got "better." After months of unidentified pain, the doctors still don't know shit, and the hospitals are a joke. (I got some infection in one of them right after I get better... that's how well our health system is working. Yay for hygiene, right?) Anyway, I'm so tired and in pain all the time, and I don't know... I want to write, obviously, but in fanfic terms I'm done. I don't know I always want to write something long and then when I'm there, I lose my enthusiasm, see: Agents of SHIELD. (I blame that my ships didn't get enough screen time but still... Why do I always lose inspiration when I have a detailed outline? :D)

Right now I've fallen in love with the Stitchers, which I know is so cheesy and unrealistic and the show itself doesn't know what it wants to be, but god, the shipping feels found me. So who knows, if it lasts long enough (and it remains this kind of cheesy) maybe I write fanfic in that fandom. But right now my main focus is writing my original fic. Funny, the Stitchers actually helped me, kinda freed me from the pressure I always feel to write something that appeals to others, when really, I don't need to write something profound and I can just have some fun. So I pour all my shipping feelings into my writing, creating some ship I really would want to see on screen or on the pages.

So onward to the poly, OT3 madness! (And I'm refusing to go to hospital in July, really, I need to write. Fuck the health system.)

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It's funny that being sick could motivate me. I mean, I had always problems with putting aside my inner editor and just write, but now I think I kind of reevaluated everything in my life and though I'm still pretty depressed (but I'm so hoping I could start my treatment someday soon!), I kinda want to be positive and do productive things: which is writing.

I scrapped my Agents of SHIELD fic, but I figured out what was wrong with it: I started it before s2 and I have to rework a "few" scene, so now I'm outlining hard... and I get the feeling it will be much longer than expected. (But who am I kidding? I always write much longer stories than I want to.) The other thing is I haven't fangirled in a while, but I watched a few fanvids and yeah, I still like this ship I'm writing for, even if canon sunk it. By that I mean there aren't any scenes between Ward, Simmons and Fitz... but I'm still not giving up, and yes, I want to be accountable for it, so that's why I'm writing about in public. I need my cheerleaders. :D (And ha-ha, this fic is so long over due.)

And I've signed up for Ship Swap, and it seems the fic exchange gods love me, because my bad luck with recips* seems to have ended. I got someone who seems to be a lovely person and I already saved their letter to treat. :) I'm outlining fics for them already, but I need to rewatch the canons. I'm so nervous, I don't want to disappoint them and yes, I know this anxiety is what kills my muse, so positive thoughts!

* I don't always get the non-commenter/defaulters, but I had my fair share.

But the main point of this post, I need some writing resolutions! So here they are:
  • to write that Agents of SHIELD threesome fic already. Possibly before SHIELD returns, but that would be a miracle, so I settle for April. (which means 6000 words per week?)
  • to write a long-ish fic for the April CampNano - possibilities are: a threesome/foursome Agent Carter fic (Daniel/Jarvis/Jack/Peggy) or threesome Sleepy Hollow fic (Nick/Ichabod/Abbie)
  • to write a long-ish fic for the July CampNano - possibilities are endless (Constantine, Arrow, OUAT?)
  • to write a long-ish fic for NaNoWrimo
  • to write my poor original novel... and find an editor.
  • to write at least two treats for Ship Swap.
  • how about that first sex scene I'm not running away from screaming?
  • to write 100 k words, that should be enough of a challenge


Jun. 12th, 2014 09:41 pm
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 I'm alive, which is a good thing. Also I have a job, which is menial, boring, and it doesn't pay a lot, but I'm doing something and it makes me feel better, though I'm so damn tired because of it.

I wanted to participate in the July Nano Camp (with a Revolution long fic!), and I will, but I don't know if I can win it because I'm not just gonna work one month (which was the agreed time) but they wanted me to work for 4 months. So I'm happy, I don't have to worry about money till November, which is also a wonderful thing.

Also I couldn't help but nominate on rare ship swap, and I WILL WRITE A FIC FOR IT, because I have to practice, and I haven't written anything for ages. In truth, someone nominated Oliver Queen/Sebastian Blood, and  I ship them so hard and there are no fics for them. NONE! So maybe I could get some? I couldn't pass this opportunity and maybe a deadline would help my writing.
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