Jan. 11th, 2016

angelette: (Default)
Obviously, I already screwed up my resolution and I skipped a week, but due to being sick and the first week at work being extra hard, I'm giving myself a bit of leeway.
Word count: 4115 - but it's only book reviews and posts for my blog. I think I'm gonna count this toward writing because I haven't written anything substantial for the last six months, so yay, I'm totally okay with writing only reviews.

Goals: Writing chocolatebox fic, I got a challenging assignment but I have a few vague ideas, at least. And, oh, someone requested my super rare ship, I want to treat them so badly, but first things first, I have to catch up on my due book reviews and finish my assignment first.

Also, I think I'm dumping my long fic idea - yeah, I managed to hold on to it for three weeks... - and start working on one of my original novel idea.

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